Easy and convenient aren’t two words that currently define SocialFi. To go mainstream, the user experience must accommodate the masses.
Metus is a bridge between web 2.0 and web 3.0, so the main goal is to build a solid community of creative people, so that together we can bring social networks to another level.
A level that favors the users themselves, because many users forget that everyone has the right to monetize their data, but most of them give it to central entities voluntarily and for free.
We want to force the main social networks to adopt new technologies, technologies that allow people more freedom, prosperity and that the majority of that “cake” belongs to the people. Metus wants to solve this problem and give everyone a fair start and a wind in their backs, because every start is difficult and not everyone has the same conditions to start digital business. Metus will give you the opportunity to finance your personal “digital” growth without investing a large sum of money, moreover, many will be able to finance themselves completely free of charge.
Metus especially targets those who are at the very beginning, because we want to grow together, build and become a platform full of creative individuals, small communities that will create a future with their innovations, new forms of business and make the world a better place.
Later, to stand out online, it all depends on you; your quality of content, creativity and talents that others will recognize and reward.
This is the meaning and goal of this project, that everyone has the right and chance to realize their "ideas" altough this journey has many steps, we want to give each individual at least one step on that path, not a stumbling block.
For all those already experienced individuals, businesses and companies who want to skip a few steps, and get the desired results immediately, we will have customized features, where you can rent your advertising space, present your company, application, games, songs, videos etc. Games, VR, NFT,Metaverse (MetaFi) is still a relatively new economy, insufficiently researched and with a potential.
Metus wants to connect everything, present quality projects and help many projects in their development by implementing their product on our platform.